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Monday, June 21, 2010

Shrinking Violets!

I've been pretty busy with horses lately, not that I'm complaining about it! ;) Last weekend, well, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, I had the opportunity to horse-sit for some friends of mine while they were out of town. They have about 30 horses, ranging from foals to full grown adults! They breed, train and sell their horses and mostly specialize in dressage. Well, while I was taking care of the weanlings, I noticed 3 painfully shy horses. One was a little bay filly with big brown eyes and black tipped ears! Another one was a cute little fresian. The last one was a little chestnut filly with two socks, one on the left front, and on the right hind. She also had a blaze. My mom and I noticed they were watching us, but the minute we looked over at them, they looked away! Classic RBI! So we squatted down in an effort to reduce the pressure we put on them. Before we knew it, the chestnut filly was over checking us out and sniffing us everywhere. Next, the little bay filly came over, but I could tell she was a little more shy, and she kind of hid behind the chestnut filly. The chestnut filly continued sniffing us from head to toe and it was just so sweet! I've never really had the opportunity to be around young horses, so this was pretty touching. Well, the fresian just couldn't take it! He had to come over and see what all the fuss was about! He was the most shy of the 3, and it took him about five minutes before he finally reached his nose over and take a sniff at my face! After that, my mom and I had to finish picking poop, so I slowly stood up, and everyone left but the chestnut filly. What a smart girl! I think she realized that I was same person as I was squatting.

The next night, we did the same thing, and soon we had the little chestnut filly following us everywhere! How sweet! We continued to do this whenever we had time, and by the time we were done with our horse-sitting job, I had pretty much fallen in love with her! When the family got back that owns all these horses, I told about her. Turns out her name is Gimlet. I think she's a German Riding Pony/Warmblood cross. She just absolutely beautiful!

When they went out to feed that night, the owner texted me and told me that Gimlet was looking for me when they were feeding. AHHHH! (= I can't believe I made that much of an impact on her. BUT! I don't need another horse! Grrr, what to do now?! Well, I'll figure something out! (=
Savvy On!

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  1. I love how you are playing with each horse's horsenality. It's great that you're having so much fun!


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