Welcome to my blog! I am a dedicated student in the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program. I am currently studying Levels 3 and 4 with my wonderful horse Solo. He is an RBI, mainly LBI now. I also have another horse. He is LBE/RBI, but I can tell he's innately LBE! This blog is for me to express my ups and downs of my journey with my horses, so read and enjoy my posts! Comments are welcomed! =)
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Long time no blog!

WOW! Sorry it's been so long since I've last blogged! A ton has happened since August. The most exciting I would say is that I've been riding Cavallo! (: It hasn't been anything too drastic, but it still counts. I sit on him and my mom will lead him around the arena, stopping any time he needs to think. He's really doing wonderful with it! We've also started doing some liberty, and our connection is unbelievable! Really overall our relationship has just improved a TON! I really love that boy with all my heart, and then some! (:
Solo has also been doing great! He seems much happier lately, and I think it's because I've been paying more attention to what he likes to do, not what I want to do. It makes a HUGE difference!
Savvy On! (:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stepping Back..

Lately, when I play with Solo, I've noticed that he doesn't look completely happy. He has the expression on his face like "I'll do it, but I really don't want to do it!" About 3 days ago, I decided to figure out what was causing that, because a year ago he didn't have that expression. We started out our play session with some Touch It on the 45 foot line. He had that sour expression, so I decided to bring him in and just wait, because he is an RBI. I think I waited for about 5-10 minutes before I finally got a lick and chew! YAY! After that, I knew I was on the right track. I asked him to go touch some other things, and then brought him in again and waited... and waited... and waited. Well finally he sighed a BIG sigh, then licked his lips and looked at me like okay, what's next? I had him go touch something else, and then I decided to be done, because when I brought him in, he blew out his nose, sighed, and licked his lips. After that his expression totally changed. His eyes were bright and his face just looked lighter, like he lifted himself out of the fog.

So could have really been that I wasn't waiting long enough for him, and he was beginning to feel like a robot? I hate to admit it, but I think so! After I decided to end our session, we just spent some UDT togethe, and I was thinking that I couldn't think of the last time I had really sat down and just hung out with Solo. I'm so ashamed! How did I get so caught up in being "great" that I forgot about the relationship? I was so focused on doing all these advanced things, but it doesn't even matter if my horse isn't happy! =( So, from now on, Solo creates the time line! DUH!

As I was sitting there with Solo, deep in thought about how right out stupid I was, he reached down, put his nose on my cheek as if to say thank you, and it was hard no for me to break out in tears! I love that guy so much!

Well, ever since I realized that, our play sessions have been completely different! Solo almost always looks happy, and we've progressed so much more now that I have the relationship back in mind! How simple! I'm so glad horses are as forgiving as they are! Sheesh!
Well, that's all for now!
Savvy On!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Love, Language, where's the leadership?

Thats what I asked myself the other day! I was thinking, out of the 3, (love, language, leadership) which 2 am I best at? Well, love and language, of course! My leadership has been lacking! This has been the missing puzzle piece in both of my relationships with my horses! Instead of leading, I've either been micromanaging, or taking something that's "good enough" but not quite what I was asking! So lately, I've been working on being particular without being critical, and already the relationships with my horses have improved! YAAAAAYYYY!!! :D It's so exciting that I've finally figured out what was lacking, because I knew something was!

On another note, yesterday I had a lesson with Cavallo! We been doing lessons every 2 weeks, and let me tell you, we have improved soooooo much! We started with working on a figure 8. Right away, Lori, (she's who I take lessons from) noticed that I was moving my feet too much, and that our draw was lacking. She had me sit on a barrel, and then continue doing a figure 8. Well guess what?! When I sent Cavallo, he looked at me like "Pshhh yeah right! You can't get me from over there!" So I was told to take my carrot stick and hit the rope until he moved his feet. The theory was that it would be uncomfortable when he wasn't moving, but the minute he moved, it would be comfortable! Next, because our draw wasn't so great, whenever I would draw him in before I send him in the other direction, I would bring him in for a few seconds, say hey, and then send him out. By then end, we were doing beautiful figure 8s!
Next, she asked to see our circle game, which she said was beautiful! The only thing we worked on with that was my send, because it was too big and my phases were too fast! After we fixed that, everything was wonderful! We also worked on lining up at the mounting block. We did this small circle where I was up on the block and there were two barrels set upright, one in front of me, one in back, with a big enough space in between for... you guessed it! A horse to fit through! So the game was that he could only stopped when he had me in his zone 3! This got him really relaxed! It was great to see!
Next, she wanted to see my zone 3 driving, which she said was also beautiful! yay!!!!
Lastly, we tied a cone to the saddle, just to simulate the movement of my leg if I were to get on him. Well, he responded to that really well! He wasn't scared at all! She said that he's almost ready to ride, and I feel it too!!!! (:

On thursday, my mom and I went for a trail ride! I rode Solo, and she took her horse Boomer. It was really nice! We had some nice trotting and cantering, and they are just wonderful on the trail! We even galloped once! EEEKKK! It's all so fun! (:
I love my horses! and Parelli!
Savvy On!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So lately I've been thinking a lot about Cavallo and his situation and my situation. I'll start with his..
So his story goes like this: He was "started" as a dressage horse (my thoughts are that he had a saddle thrown on him and was kicked to go, and pulled to stop) and was a total handful. He ended up running off with his owner's grandpa, and their five year old daughter. They decided enough was enough and dumped him on my mom and I's friend. She didn't have enough time or cash to care for him like she wanted to, so thats when he ended up in my hands. When I got him, I thought I was getting an LBE playful, confident horse. Turns out I came into a tripolar, emotional mess! I've had him for almost a year now. Just as I thought we were heading for a major breakthrough, I feel his confidence has plumetted again. He's jumpy and skeptical, and I haven't changed a thing I'm doing. I really don't understand. He's quite a handful, and although I do love him to death, I've been thinking lately, is he too much horse for my skill level? Did I take on a big project before I was ready? The reason I took him was to have a second riding horse, because my main riding horse is 25, and you know the rest!
I've been thinking, is Cavallo fulfilling my needs? Am I fulfilling his? Well, the first one is no. That's not his fault, it was mine. I feel like I'm fulfilling most of his needs..I'm building his confidence while at the same time playing lots and going as slow as he needs.
I do have a contract with the friend that we got him from saying that if we don't like him, we can give him back and she will rehome him. Here's where I always get emotional. I start thinking, I can't give up on this guy! He's already been rejected twice, and a third can't happen. He needs a permanent home with a permanent partner whose going to love him and show him that humans really arent bad! As we were playing today, I started doing some new stuff like transitions on a circle using my stick instead of the line. He's so brilliant..he picked it up right away and looked at me like DID I GET IT RIGHT?! He really just wants to do the right thing. When he gets scared, he comes around quick. Whenever I play with him, I can't help but think how much I love him and how fascinating he is. He can flip from RBE to RBI to LBE in a matter of minutes, and I love seeing what I can do to help him become confident. I believe he fell into my hands for a reason. I wasn't looking for a horse like him, at all! I wanted a horse that was rideable, and mainly one horsenality. Instead, I was instantly attracted to him. He needed me, and I needed him, so in conclusion, I'm keeping him, because he's just the teacher I need, and he's just the challenge for me. Also because he needs a natural home, where he'll always be understood and given what he needs, mentally, physically, and emotionally. He's my boy, and that's how its gonna stay. I wouldn't want it any other way. I mean it is "Horses teach humans, humans teach horses," right?
Savvy On!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Wow! Sorry it's been so long since I've updated this! I've been so busy!!
So where do I start! Well, Solo was lame for about two weeks, but he's improving now! We still don't know what it was, but a little bute goes a long way! It was his right hind leg. We think he pulled a muscle. Anyways! He's able to be played with again! And I've been riding him lightly, just trying to build him back up again. He seems fine, but I don't want to take any risks! As far as our relationship goes, it's better than its ever been! I think that two weeks off was needed, because it gave me a chance to just spend some undemanding time with him! He expression has totally changed..he looks like himself again. For a while, he wasn't looking too happy, which I think was a mixture of pain, and boredom! While not playing with him, its given me a chance to think of what we need to work on, instead of playing with the same things. I've realized that we need to work more on our liberty patterns, and move onto our level 3 online patterns for gosh sakes!! (:
Our rides have been great! He is so soft and responsive and I always feel safe on him! I trust him with my life..literally! He's been using his topline so much more these days, and the muscle growth shows it! He really looks fabulous! Our finesse has really taken off. He understands now that when I pick up collection, he needs to follow that feel, not hollow out his back and overbend. Silly boy!

Where do I start with Cavallo?! Well, he really is my "wild child"! He's such a goof ball, and his LBE side is peeking through more and more everyday! about a week ago my mom and I took Cavallo and Mandala (that's my moms "new" horse..we got them on the same day!) out to The Horse First Farm for a play night! They just got a new playground in, and there is a pond in it. Its about knee deep on the horse, and probably 15-20 feet long! How fun!!! Well, the first time I asked him to touch it, he sniffed it, and then decided he didn't want anymore of it. So I said okay, let's go play with some other toys! After we made our way around the playgroud, we approached the pond again. This time, he walked up to it, sniffed it, dunked his nose in it and swished it around. Then he pawed it a little, and said "okay! I'm done!" So we went and played with some jumping over the logs, and with the carwash. Then we came back, and this time he walked right up to it, sniffed it, pawed it, and then with a little encouragement from zone 5, he walked right through! What a smart boy! Well later that night, my mom was asking Mandala to go through, and Cavallo and I came over and he wanted to walk through it again! He started out by pawing the "shoreline" and emptying about half the pond! :D He splashed Mandala in the process! It was so funny! I asked him to go a little further into the pond! Well now he was sticking about half of his head into the pond, and then figured out that water doesn't work as well as oxygen! After he figure that out, he started blowing bubbles out of his nose! That was the funniest thing I've ever seen! He then finished off his comedy act by laying down in the pond! Then he got up, walked out, and looked at me like "Okay, I've had my fun!" I couldn't stop laughing at that goofy boy! I took him into the sand arena to roll afterwards, which he thoroughly enjoyed!
At home, we've been working on getting our draw better, because he likes to lean on the rope..not good! I've found its better when he's already moving, compared to when he's standing still and I ask him to come to me! We're also working on spirals, and getting him to arc more on a circle, instead of just leaning on the rope. We're also working on lots of friendly game in zone 3, with flank ropes, long lines, and lots of commotion in that area! Lastly, we're working on doing lots of things from the mounting block, not just mounting!

Savvy On! :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Shrinking Violets!

I've been pretty busy with horses lately, not that I'm complaining about it! ;) Last weekend, well, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, I had the opportunity to horse-sit for some friends of mine while they were out of town. They have about 30 horses, ranging from foals to full grown adults! They breed, train and sell their horses and mostly specialize in dressage. Well, while I was taking care of the weanlings, I noticed 3 painfully shy horses. One was a little bay filly with big brown eyes and black tipped ears! Another one was a cute little fresian. The last one was a little chestnut filly with two socks, one on the left front, and on the right hind. She also had a blaze. My mom and I noticed they were watching us, but the minute we looked over at them, they looked away! Classic RBI! So we squatted down in an effort to reduce the pressure we put on them. Before we knew it, the chestnut filly was over checking us out and sniffing us everywhere. Next, the little bay filly came over, but I could tell she was a little more shy, and she kind of hid behind the chestnut filly. The chestnut filly continued sniffing us from head to toe and it was just so sweet! I've never really had the opportunity to be around young horses, so this was pretty touching. Well, the fresian just couldn't take it! He had to come over and see what all the fuss was about! He was the most shy of the 3, and it took him about five minutes before he finally reached his nose over and take a sniff at my face! After that, my mom and I had to finish picking poop, so I slowly stood up, and everyone left but the chestnut filly. What a smart girl! I think she realized that I was same person as I was squatting.

The next night, we did the same thing, and soon we had the little chestnut filly following us everywhere! How sweet! We continued to do this whenever we had time, and by the time we were done with our horse-sitting job, I had pretty much fallen in love with her! When the family got back that owns all these horses, I told about her. Turns out her name is Gimlet. I think she's a German Riding Pony/Warmblood cross. She just absolutely beautiful!

When they went out to feed that night, the owner texted me and told me that Gimlet was looking for me when they were feeding. AHHHH! (= I can't believe I made that much of an impact on her. BUT! I don't need another horse! Grrr, what to do now?! Well, I'll figure something out! (=
Savvy On!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

Yesterday was spectacular with Solo and Cavallo!!!
I played with Cavallo first yesterday. I brought him in the barn and clean him up nicely and it was a good time to spend some undemanding time with him! When I was brushing him, he cocked his hind leg and almost fell asleep! Also, when he turned his head and looked at me, his bottom lip was drooping! That was a first! He used to suck his bottom lip and it would make his mouth look REALLY small! This was his introverted "happy place." He barely ever does that anymore, even when he does get unconfident! We went outside and played around online with some weaving and figure 8s at the trot and then did some circle game at the walk. His problem at the walk is that he wants to turn and face me, which is great, but he needs to understand that I'll ask him in when he's done! Then we went in the round pen and worked on cantering on the cirle which went really well! He caught right on! He's so brilliant!!!! I thought everything was going really well, so then we played some stick to me at the trot at LIBERTY! It was quite the compliment that he stuck to me! He started get more interested in the grass than me, so I decided to hook him back up online before it fell apart! I was so proud of him! After that, we played with some jumping, and getting his confidence up with it. Then to end off the play time, I lined him up to the mounting block and rubbed him all over until his confidence showed, then I put him back out! It was a great day!

It was also a great day with Solo! We finished the weave and figure 8 pattern, so we moved onto traveling circles, which went really well for the first time! He even gave me TWO flying changes! Wahoo! We didn't play with too much online, because I wanted to go to liberty! Once at liberty, we played with our sideways towards and our draw from zone 5, which both are improving vastly!! Then we played with the circle pattern, which went really well! It was only our 3rd time doing it. After that, we saddled up and rode around! We did our last weave and figure 8 patterns which were perfect! Then I decided what the heck, lets try the level 3 figure 8! He did almost perfect simple changes and it was just beautiful! To end the ride, we did some point to point at the canter, and he got to eat grass at each point. Talk about motivation! We booked it to each point, and even did a roll back! What a great way to end the day! (=
Savvy On!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Finally, I'm on summer vacation, which means I get to ride all day! I'm so excited! I have so many goals and it's great that I finally have the time to just spend all day with my wonderful partners!!

So, which horse should I start with?
I'll do Solo! (=
He is doing amazing! He has gained a ton of weight and he finally looks healthy again! I think he lost about 50 pounds this winter! It was scary! Thank god for Equine Senior feed and Dr. Dan Moore's weight check oil! He is all shed out and his coat shines like the sun! As far as our progress as a team, we are forever growing a stronger relationship and he keeps proving to me what an amazing horse he is! It's hard for me to grasp the fact that he's 25, because he doesn't act like it at all! The way I see it, I'll stop riding when he tells me he can't do it anymore, but right now, he's always eager for me to hop on! :D On the ground, we've been working on patterns! They've helped with impulsion so much and now he's always willing to go! We're also working on getting his downward transitions onto his hindquarters, instead of tumbling onto his forehand. All of his games are looking fantastic, and we are about to start the liberty patterns! YAY!
Onto riding! Well, it's been fantastic! He's been using his topline so much it's hard to believe! He's got haunches in at the walk down, and it's time to move onto the trot! He really is fantastic! We've also been doing patterns freestyle and he's just awesome! I really don't think I could be any more please with my lil guy! I love him sooooooo much!

Now for Cavallo!
We had a lesson about a month ago now, and we were introduced to the flank rope! It has worked wonders! After the first time we did it, he was a different horse! Not jumpy, stood still, just completely confident and trusting! I had been looking for something to push his confidence outside the bubble without bursting it, and that was it. We also attached the 22' line to my stirrups and swung them around and flapped the line against my saddle and really desensitized him to all the noise going on! Now he looks like an old pro when I do it!
I've also been doing patterns with him, and he just loves them! He leaps around gets so confident and it's really great to see! It's crazy; I've had him for almost nine months! It's hard to believe he's even the same horse that I brought home labor-day weekend! He stands still now, which was almost impossible before! I'm so proud of him, and I really feel a special connection with him. He's going to be an excellent horse and I have a feeling that when he accepts me as a rider, our relationship will really take off! I can't wait to start doing some things at liberty with him!
He really is one special guy! I'm falling in love with him, a day at time!

Savvy On!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Well, that's how I feel right now! Solo, Cavallo, and I have been making sooo much progress! It's really amazing and I am SO proud of both of them! I'll start with Cavallo!
Ever since I made the decision to just push riding out of the equation, he has improved tenfold! I've been working a lot on zone 3 driving, to simulate riding! The past couple of times, I was able to drop the carrot stick and do it! He is brilliant! Yesterday was the first time he really looked confident. He was blinking, licking and chewing, and looking at me like he really realized how much I care. I see so much hope for him and it really is heartwarming! His patterns are getting much better! We can now do a trotting figure 8 and weave with slack in the rope and lots of exuberance! (= YAY! At the end of our last session, I lined him up to the mounting block. He was very skeptical about it at first, so I remained passively persistent until he had a flash of confidence, and I released the pressure! Boy, what a difference! He came a little closer, and I gladly scratched his itchy spot, which is conveniantly on his back! Wahoo! I am falling in love with this guy! <3

Now for Solo, my ol' man (=
Well, he's doing great; we're doing great! When we're together, it feels like we're one and it's the best feeling ever! Impulsion isn't a problem anymore, he asks a billion questions, and is just the most amazing partner I could ever ask for! Our liberty is also better than I could ever imagine! As far as riding goes, I'm speechless. Ever since my clinic with Nita Jo, we've been having the rides I've always dreamed of! Right now we're working on the suspension rein, getting transitions snappier, and haunches in! He's doing really amazing, and I can't believe I've been honored with these two spectacular horses! (=
Savvy On!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I did it!

Well, the title says it all! I finally taped my Level 3 Liberty Audition and it turned out exactly how I wanted it to! I hope it passes because Solo and I's relationship really shines through! He was a complete goof ball and so animated it was a blast!! (=
Hopefully I'll have it up soon! I'm not too savvy with video editing and all that jazz! (=
Savvy On!

Progress, Progress, oh and MORE Progress! (=

Well, it's been a fantastic spring so far!!! Solo and I have made soooo much progress and are learning so much! It's almost overwhelming how proud I am of him!
For a while, our liberty was going downhill. I think because we hadn't played too much this winter, and then this spring I thought we could just hop right back into our usual liberty play, but that wasn't the case. So I decided I would just stop playing at liberty for a while and fix up our online and freestyle. Well, we were also struggling a tad during freestyle! Jeepers! I recently got some help from two things. 1.) The amazingly talented Nita Jo Rush.
2.) The Parelli Patterns.
Ever since starting the patterns, Solo has been so much more tuned in and enthusiastic about everything!!! He maintains gait at any gait, and asks a TON of questions! Oh man, horses really do teach humans! (=
Well, on Monday, I thought, what the heck, might as well try our liberty again! I went at it with a positive, fun attitude and guess what?! Our liberty was AMAZING!! Solo was so tuned in and we were dancing. It was the best feeling I've ever had! He was doing small circles at the trot and doing flying changes! Eeeek! He's so amazing I just love him soooo much! I'm thinking about taping my Level 3 Liberty, because we are so ready! (=
Savvy On!

Monday, May 3, 2010

My First Clinic!

On Saturday, I went to my first clinic! Well, actually, it was a workshop! It was with 4* Parelli Professional Nita Jo Rush! It was an amazing, fun-filled, positive learning experience! I learned a ton!
First off, Nita Jo told me that my stirrups were too short! YAY! That means that I'm developing a great seat! By the end of the day, I had lowered my stirrups 3 holes! WOW! It feels so good! Now, I'm leaning more towards a finesse seat when I ride, which is really exciting! So at the workshop, I worked on getting Solo's upward transitions really snappy! First, we did walk to trot, and instead of a jog, I wanted a TROT! I ended up getting a trot so big I could barely post to it! :D Next, we had to work on our whoa! Nita Jo told me that the reason Solo is downhill is because his downward transitions aren't fast enough, so he tumbles onto his forhand. We used a suspension rein to fix that, and by the end of the workshop, our downward transitions had definately improved! Lastly, we worked on haunches in. Solo really caught onto it! I was also informed that I am ready to begin finesse! All in all, it was a very positive and progressive day and I learned a lot of new and useful information! I'd like to thank Ms. Nita Jo Rush for all of the lovely advise and information! She is a wonderful, talented, sweet woman who I would love to keep working with!
Savvy On!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Madness!

WOW it's been a loooong time since I've last posted! I apologize for that!
Well, a lot has happened! I'll start with Cavallo!
Well, since my last post, I've realized that he really isn't safe to ride yet. I had only been doing things in zone 1, so how DARE I ride him?! Silly me!! So, I've quit getting on. I've been working on LOTS of friendly game with the big green ball, tarps, cones, barrels, just about any toy you could think of! I've also been doing a lot of zone 3 driving to simulate riding. Well what do you know? His confidence has grown so much, along with our relationship! I am truly in absolutely no rush to get on this guy. It'll happen when it happens. Until then, we'll keep enjoying online (and occasionally) some liberty! (=

My main squeeze! (= Over the winter, he lost a lot of weight. Mainly because he is now 25, and because we have a bigger herd since last winter and he is at the bottom of the totem pole. He is gaining weight, though. In fact, quite well! We just recently got the Parelli Patterns, so we've been working a lot on those! WOW! What a difference! Our play sessions now have a purpose and riding has become so much more fun! I'm so excited! This saturday we have a Independent Seat & Fluidity Workshop with 4* Parelli Professional Nita Jo Rush! EEEEEKKKK! I'm so excited!!

So, that's what's been going on in my horsey life lately!
Savvy On!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Proud Moment!

Yesterday was a big day for Cavallo and I. I got on him for the third time! This time, I was barely nervous, and he was SO calm! I didn't really plan on doing much when i was on him. My thought is, it took so long to get his confidence up with just standing at the mounting block and lining up, why rush it when I get on? So that's exactly what I'm doing. I'm just going to take what he gives me and go with it! Of course, still learning lateral flexion! We need a whoa before we can go! =)
So back to last night! I am so proud of him! He would turn and sniff my boots and then take a deep breath, almost as if he knew how much I cared about him. Then, my mom walked away with her horse, and Cavallo followed, and I could tell he was waiting for me to pull back like he was so used to, but I didn't! He took a deep breath a walked again! I think it was a big relief to him that he could move and not be held back! I am so happy and proud and I am still on cloud 9! (=
Savvy On!

Monday, March 15, 2010

I Love My Horses!

I had a great weekend filled with horsey wonderfullness! (= First of all, I am so impressed with how much Cavallo is learning! He can now do stick to me at the canter with slack in the rope! How awesome is that?! He barely ever had his little OH MY GOODNESS spooks anymore. Also, his skin used to twitch every time I would go to pet him (I think his previous owners would "pat" him any time they touched him) and now his skin stays still! All of this in about 6 months! He is SO brilliant!!

I also had an awesome day with Solo! When we started, I knew that we had to work on our send during the circle game because right now, it's not very snappy, which is also affecting his impulsion. Plus, when he has poor impulsion, he can't do flying lead changes. So first we worked on the send, which he fixed right up so that was awesome! Next we worked on our flying lead changes, which we have been struggling with for a while, mainly because we haven't been able to work on it much due to the immense amount of snow on the ground! Well after a few times of running into the savvy string, he sure got those flying lead changes down! After that, I let him have a break to graze. Then we worked on some long-lining which was pretty fun! I'm hoping tomorrow after school I will be able to get outside, since now its light til 7!! YIPPEE!! (=
Savvy On!

Monday, March 1, 2010

March Means Spring!

I'm so happy it's March! And what better way to start it out than a beautiful day!! I just wish I could play with my ponies today! Well, speaking of my horses, they are doing great! Solo is such an awesome partner and friend. We did some zone 5 driving with long lines yesterday and everyday we do it I can tell his confidence rises another notch! It was a good confidence booster yesterday too! My mom and I traded horses, and right away Solo lost his confidence, but he was trying so hard! I taught my mom's horse, Boomer, how to jump half-way over the barrels, because that's something they've been struggling with and it was cool when she finally got it because she started licking and chewing before her front hooves even touched the ground!!
After we played for a while, we took them over to eat some grass for a while, and I was sick of standing, so I jumped on Solo bareback. He then decided he wanted to follow our barn kitty around the driveway, so we went for a nice little ride with just our halter and 45 foot line coiled up! =)
Cavallo was pretty awesome this weekend! I can't believe how fast he catches onto everything!! He really is brilliant! My biggest challenge with him is keeping our sessions interesting and playful enough for him. He has definately brought out the extroverted side of me I didn't even know I had! He already understands stick to me at the canter and we've only worked on it about 4 times! The best part is how sensitive he is! I love that boy!
Savvy On!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I love my life!

Hello everyone!
I haven't update for a while.
So here's Solo's update:
Solo has been doing fantastic. His exuberance and expression and really great and positive. He's using his topline more and more and he's really look great for his age! Our liberty is better than ever. He'll circle around me and pretty much do anything for me...it's really an amazing feeling! We started working on bowing today, and i think he's catching on..although I think I need to set him up differently. I think that the side im not on needs to be against a wall or a fence so he understands that I don't want his hind end to move. He did well today though! A little encouragement of Winnies Cookies was needed, but I did manage to have him go down a little bit! It's progress and I'll take it!

Cavallo: Well, what to say about this guy!! He proves himself over and over to be brilliant! He learns so fast, I can't help but think I skipped something, but I'm positive I didn't! I can tell he is going to make a FANTASTIC horse! He has such natural athleticism and has such a kind, youthful spirit to him! He's so fun to play with, and with him, I've gained a lot of Savvy Arrows to put in my Quiver! I've started to ride him, and he needs a lot of confidence under saddle! I'm so glad he's in my hands, because he would never survive mentally and emotionally with a normal! Well that's it for now!
Savvy On!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

An Extroverted Introvert? What?!

Solo was so fun today! We played in the back yard and played around with canter departures. We also did some spirals at the circling game. He's really starting to use him whole topline nicely! He was pleasantly exuberant so after about a half hour of hard play we went over to some grass and ate for a while. I really wanted to ride while he still had some energy in him, so we went and saddled up and put the bridle on. He takes the bridle so well! After I got on, we did some point to point with cones in a triangle formation. First we walked, then did some trotting, but I really wanted to work on my seat at the canter. I tend to want to drive with my seat, which makes for a very very unhappy pony! This winter, I've been trying really hard to sit up and use my core so I don't do that. His canter was beautiful today, as was my seat and he looked HAPPY!!!!! =D We ended with some finesse down the driveway. He was so awesome today! I love him!!
Savvy On!

Cavallo's Second Ride With Me!!

Yesterday my session with Cavallo was nothing short of incredible!! He's the smartest horse I've ever worked with! I've only had him for five months and he's doing a lot of Level 2 Online things! I know that all he wanted was someone to love him and show him that he's smart and wanted!
Anyways, now to our session yesterday! We went out in the pasture to play, and right away he was tuned in and ready to learn! It didn't take much at all to get him in a learning frame of mind! After we played with sideways and cantering during the circling game, we went and saddled up. Then we went in the round pen, and while my mom rode Mandala, I just sat on the mounting block with Cavallo and spent some undemanding time with him. Then when my mom was done, I got on Cavallo. (I want her to hold Cavallo's leadrope just for some extra safety) When I got up, he didn't even move. Actually, when I was standing on the mounting block taking a few deep breaths, he moved closer like "C'mon, get on!" So I knew it was time! I stepped in the stirrups and did three little jumped, then swung my leg over. We just sat there for a little bit while i pet him. Then I thought I'd try and do some lateral flexion. To the left was great! It only took him one try to catch on. To right, well it needs some work. He immediately braced and spun around a few times, but when he turned his nose in a little bit I let go. Then I let him lick and chew and then I got off. I felt like it was very successful!
Savvy On!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Farrier Visit!

Today the farrier came! All the horses were really great! We had Cavallo and Mandala go first. Well, Mandala was an angel! She only had a few hey-don't-touch-me-there spots. Cavallo was great for the most part! He's an LBE, so standing still for him is like torture! I've only had him for five months, and this is his second farrier visit since we've had them, so I'm really impressed! I kept him entertained with cookies =) And for Solo and Boomer, well, they're old pros. Boomer was standing with her leadrope on the ground, and Solo fell asleep! YAY PARELLI! It makes everything so much more simple!
Savvy On!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Solo, I Love You Dearly

Considering I haven't been able to play with my horses during the week due to me getting home and it already being dark, I've had A LOT of time to think. I'm a pretty deep thinker, and when I'm thinking, I'm usually thinking about my horses. I was thinking today, I have such deep feelings about Solo. He's like the best friend I grew up with. I had him since I was a third grader, and I'm now a freshman in high school. He's seen me in my happiest times and my lowest times, but no matter what mood I've been in, he's always the one to bring a smile to my face. When he sees me in the paddock and looks at me with his eyes sparkling and his ears forward, walking toward me, I can't help but smile! He is the horse that has put up with me learning Parelli. Without him, I wouldn't be the girl I am today. When I have low self-confidence, I go outside and play, and he reminds me again why I should have confidence, and why I should be happy with who I am. He doesn't judge me, nor does any horse. If you show them that you are a good leader, and that you are the "horse" they can go to, and are worth going to, that's all that matters to them. (oh man, I'm tearin' up!)

When we're playing and he offers the exuberance that Magic has for Pat, I know I must be doing something right. He is so smart, and the most tolerant horse I have ever met. He's put up with me jumping all over him, trying to figure out the best way to mount him bareback. He's put up with me crying on his shoulder and into his mane because I had a bad day. He always knows the best ways to make me laugh. Oh man, oh man I love that boy so so so so so so so much! He has taught me so much about patience and taking the time it takes.

Just when I think our relationship can't get any better, it does. He does something amazing for me, or I figure out another tactic that helps him come out of his shell. I feel like we understand eachother. I can sense when he's getting a little tense or unconfident and he's taught me to retreat and that if I just listen to him, he'll teach me all I need to know about him.

I could write on and on about him. I just wanted to write a little something in here to/about him to let him know how much I love and appreciate him.
I love you, Solo!!!!
Savvy On Bud!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Horse Filled Weekend!

Wow! I had a great weekend! I was able to play with both of my horses both days! It was so awesome!
I feel like Cavallo and I are finally getting a relationship building! He asks questions all the time and is very very light on the end of the line! It can't really be this easy, can it? I mean, this horse is very complicated, but he's so interesting! Our play times are never dull!!
Solo, well what can I say? He's always awesome! We played the pasture online and liberty. He's so light and responsive, but we really need to move on to more level 4 stuff! For some reason, it seems so surreal that we've passed our level 3 online! It was a dream for so long, and now its a reality!!! =D Anyways, after fumbling with the rope in the snow for long enough, I decided to play at liberty! We were in our big 3-4 acre pasture, and he never left once!! YAY! We did some jumping, lots of stick to me, cutting, the starts of laying down, and most importantly, CIRCLE GAME!! We can finally do the circle game without a round pen at the trot with transitions in a BIG area!! I'm so proud of Solo! He's so incredibly smart! When we were done, there were a bunch of patches of grass, so i jumped on his back and let him eat while i took some photos of my mom and Boomer. Then we went up and saddled up and went out for a nice ride in the cornfields! What a great weekend!!
Savvy On!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Okay so I guess Photobucket doesn't want to cooperate right now and make my pictures smaller! Ill try this again some other time


Sorry those pictures were way too big! here's some smaller ones!
This one is my favorite picture of us!
Cavallo after our session! He's so handsome!!

I felt like Pat and Magic!

I had the best best best session with Solo on Sunday!! It had warmed up and little and the snow melted big time!! Of course, with melted snow comes water and puddles EVERYWHERE, but we dealt with it! lol I got Solo and we made our way down to the arena, grazing on little grass patches along the way. once down there, we did some little things because I wanted to make sure the footing was alright to trot and canter! Lately he's been very extroverted! but i think that has something to do with the treats i bring with me! ;D So we did some things online including weaving, jumping, jumping half way, sidepassing, and all that stuff! Then I decided that long 45 foot ropes saturated in water and in turn saturating me, weren't necessary! So off came the halter and off we played at Liberty! He was AMAZING!! times 55445553! Yeah, that much! lol He was his usual goofy, silly, so full of attitude little self! we weaved, jumped, played stick to me (which was so awesome!) he was as light as hes ever been! then i thought, heck with it!, lets play circle game! So I sent him in a circle, and at first he kept coming back and checking in, but then I just make my send bigger, so his circle got a little bigger, but this was the first time he was able to make like four laps in our big arena at the trot without wandering away! He was doing so well I thought I'd ask for a canter! I knew my send didn't have to be big at all, so I brought my energy up and cantered in my body, and sure enough, he cantered! This was first outside of the round pen! I asked him in and he got the rest of his cookies and was a happy pony! Then I saw our mounting block and thought, "Hmm what would he do if i stepped up there?" so i did and he sidepassed over like PLEASE get on! So I slide on bareback and bridleless and we had a good 10 minute ride! here are some pictures!
Solo and I
That one is my new favorite picture of us!
and here's Cavallo after our session!
Cavallo tied up
He's so handsome!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Yes it stopped raining! AND it's sunny, AND I CAN SEE GRASS! I guess today has turned out to be a pretty good day after all! My mom and I are probably going to go out and play with our horses for a while in the yard where there's still snow so we don't ruin our grass! EEEK I'm so excited!
Savvy On!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Yuckie Weather And An Impatient Girl

The weather here hasn't been the best. It's been damp and moist and today it started misting. I think it's going to rain tomorrow. Well, the upside of that is that some of the snow will be gone! I really want the snow to melt, 1. because that means that it's warmer outside! and 2. because I'm sick and tired of trudging through the snow to play with my horse! At least I'm getting a lot of time to make some goals and things I need to work on. Well I really don't have much to write about..other than the fact that I can't stop thinking about my horses and how much I love them and how badly I wanna play!!
Savvy On!

Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm lovin' it!

Today was finally a day I could play with Solo! I hate winters in WI!! I had 11:00 release today from school because it was the last day of finals (hope I will get straight A's again this quarter!!) and the last day of the semester. So I came home and went outside with Solo. Well where do I start?! He was FABULOUS!! Right from the start, he was SO exuberant!! Usually, that takes some motivation...hmm maybe he could smell his cookies in my pocket! ;p We play with circle game and transitions with the carrot stick. WOW! He is getting so responsive and light!! It's so awesome!! He can canter on a 12 foot line now it's just crazy! He's become so flexible and his topline has gotten so strong in the last six months! After circle we play with some cutting. We're trying to get it snappier so it actually looks like cutting. LOL Next, we did some long lining which was really good! We started with a tight weave at the walk, which was pretty much flawless, then I make it bigger and we trotted it. He did so well! I'm so proud of him! After that, we went in the round pen and did some liberty. We played some stick to me, which was awesome! Then we worked on our draw. After that, we played circle game, which was hilarious!! He started circling really big, but the snow was really deep around the edges, so he started circling closer and closer and closer til his sides were practically on mine! He was so cute! Then I asked him to canter for a few laps then asked for a flying change which was beautiful! The next time I asked him in we did some cutting because he he had so much momentum! Then I brought two barrels in there and did some jumping and all that fun stuff! Then I got on and we rode completely bareback AND bridleless! Usually I have a string and stick but I didn't feel like it this time! LOL The suprising part was that he was better than when I have my saddle and bridle on. I had so much fun! And I can't wait to film my Level 3 Liberty! EEEK!
Savvy On!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I can't believe it!! I'm literally still in shock.
Today I rode, we actually sat on, Cavallo for the first time!!! When we were playing, Pat's saying, "Does this horse look rideable?" Kept running through my head. The more I looked at him, the more i thought, HECK YES he does!!! He knows how to give to pressure, does all the games with Level 2 quality, and does lateral flexion on the ground from both sides, and backs up from zone 3! I took him in the barn to saddle up, and then we went into the round pen. First I just lined him up and stood there and watched my mom ride her horse Mandala (she got her the same time I got Cavallo, and was in the same situation, but instead of being used for dressage, she was being used for a therapeutic riding center) for a while. When she was done, she came over and loosely held Cavallo's leadrope while I stood in the stirrup a few times to ask for permission (and I was a little nervous!) Finally my mom said, "Just get on him! He's pretty much falling asleep waiting for you to get on!" So I got on him and he just stood still! Mind you, I'm not very graceful at mounting! My foot brushed his butt, but had no affect on him! So I sat on him for about 5 minutes, then got off, and went back to the barn and unsaddled him!!! The whole time he was licking and chewing! I think I blew his mind!! YAY!! I'm so proud of him, and me! This was the biggest hurdle I've ever had to jump!
Savvy On!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Thinking Back

Wow! I know I've already posted about 2010, but man I have such a good feeling that this year is going to be great!
Thinking about to about a year ago, wow have Solo and I improved! A year ago, we had only officially passed the old Level 1. We had no performance experience, and I really wasn't advancing. Now, we've performed twice, once at the Parelli Celebrations in Madison, and I did a demo at the Holistic Horse Fair at The Horse First Farms. We have officially passed Level 3 Online (and we plan on sending the rest in once this darn snow melts!!) and we are progressing everyday! Solo is coming more and more out of his little RBI shell more and more everyday, and instead of a shrinking violet, he's a blossoming flower. He's such an amazing horse, with so much wisdom and patience. He's an excellent teacher, and I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Last year, I didn't really have much experience with other horsenalities or horses for that matter. I only really played with Solo, so I only had experience with an RBI.
I now have another horse who is quite challenging (LBE/RBI) and he is teaching me so much!!

I feel like this year only has room for improvement! I'm so excited and I feel renewed!
Well that's all for now!
Savvy On!

Thinkin Back

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Licking and Chewing

Today I had an outstanding session with Cavallo!!! I feel like I'm really starting to build a great relationship with him! Here's how our session went:
I brought him out behind the barn where theres not so much snow. I opened the "gate" to our round pen so it sort of resembled trailer loading. We just stood there for a while while he sniffed everything, then I just play some friendly game with him. I slid the string off of his back and he walked right into the round pen! YES! He's so smart!! Then I asked him back out and gave him a rub. Next we went over to our "pedestal" (it's the base to a basketball hoop that broke) and I just stood there and let him have his own fun with it. He pawed it and stomped it and licked it...then looked at me like 'okay im done, what would you like?' So I asked him to step on it, but it was wayy to slippery for him to stand on so when he just rested one hoof on it, I asked him off. Then I had him walk over it both ways. Next we play some driving game and I drove his HQ and FH to different things for him to touch. He really enjoyed it! Then we played with some sideways at the trot! He's amazing at sideways!!
After that, we played with some circle game on the 45 foot. He was much happier on the 45 foot! He had so much more drift so he could leap around. I asked him to trot until there wasn't any tension in the line, and then I brought him in. Next, I asked him to canter, which was beautiful!! After all that, we just spent some UDT together. He started yawning and got all relaxed, which is really great to see! I can't believe how much more relaxed he's gotten since he's been in my ownership. He tends to suck on his bottom lip, which makes his mouth look really small. It's a really great indicator when his mouth gets longer, because I know he's relaxing.
The reason I named this post licking and chewing is because I have never had a horse lick and chew so much in my life. When I first got him, he had that secretive RBI lick where he doesn't show any tongue, but now he does an LBE lick with a ton of tongue!! I LOVE IT!!
It's so amazing watching him grow and learn. He's gonna be such an amazing horse!!
Savvy On!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

I've Had Some Time To Think

Since it's been so friggen cold out, I really haven't been able to do much with my horses lately. To fill my emptiness, I've been doing a lot of reading on the Savvy Forum, and in the Savvy Club Vault. I now have more ideas to work on..little things that don't require warm weather. One thing I want to work on is bowing. Another thing is mounting from the neck! I'm horrible at mounting from the ground.
I've also been thinking about my relationship with Solo, and what's missing. I've realized that yes, we do have an exceptional relationship, but I've been rushing things. I need to slow down again and stop making my goal that darn green string. I'll get that when I'm ready...actually...when Solo is ready. I've been getting kind of task oriented...I hate when I get like that! So I've decided to just have fun and live in the moment...hey! like my horses! I should really listen to their advice more often. =)
Well, that's all I have for now.
Savvy On!
Molly and Solo