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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Finally, I'm on summer vacation, which means I get to ride all day! I'm so excited! I have so many goals and it's great that I finally have the time to just spend all day with my wonderful partners!!

So, which horse should I start with?
I'll do Solo! (=
He is doing amazing! He has gained a ton of weight and he finally looks healthy again! I think he lost about 50 pounds this winter! It was scary! Thank god for Equine Senior feed and Dr. Dan Moore's weight check oil! He is all shed out and his coat shines like the sun! As far as our progress as a team, we are forever growing a stronger relationship and he keeps proving to me what an amazing horse he is! It's hard for me to grasp the fact that he's 25, because he doesn't act like it at all! The way I see it, I'll stop riding when he tells me he can't do it anymore, but right now, he's always eager for me to hop on! :D On the ground, we've been working on patterns! They've helped with impulsion so much and now he's always willing to go! We're also working on getting his downward transitions onto his hindquarters, instead of tumbling onto his forehand. All of his games are looking fantastic, and we are about to start the liberty patterns! YAY!
Onto riding! Well, it's been fantastic! He's been using his topline so much it's hard to believe! He's got haunches in at the walk down, and it's time to move onto the trot! He really is fantastic! We've also been doing patterns freestyle and he's just awesome! I really don't think I could be any more please with my lil guy! I love him sooooooo much!

Now for Cavallo!
We had a lesson about a month ago now, and we were introduced to the flank rope! It has worked wonders! After the first time we did it, he was a different horse! Not jumpy, stood still, just completely confident and trusting! I had been looking for something to push his confidence outside the bubble without bursting it, and that was it. We also attached the 22' line to my stirrups and swung them around and flapped the line against my saddle and really desensitized him to all the noise going on! Now he looks like an old pro when I do it!
I've also been doing patterns with him, and he just loves them! He leaps around gets so confident and it's really great to see! It's crazy; I've had him for almost nine months! It's hard to believe he's even the same horse that I brought home labor-day weekend! He stands still now, which was almost impossible before! I'm so proud of him, and I really feel a special connection with him. He's going to be an excellent horse and I have a feeling that when he accepts me as a rider, our relationship will really take off! I can't wait to start doing some things at liberty with him!
He really is one special guy! I'm falling in love with him, a day at time!

Savvy On!

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