Welcome to my blog! I am a dedicated student in the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program. I am currently studying Levels 3 and 4 with my wonderful horse Solo. He is an RBI, mainly LBI now. I also have another horse. He is LBE/RBI, but I can tell he's innately LBE! This blog is for me to express my ups and downs of my journey with my horses, so read and enjoy my posts! Comments are welcomed! =)
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This is my first levels horses and my main love!

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

I love my life!

Hello everyone!
I haven't update for a while.
So here's Solo's update:
Solo has been doing fantastic. His exuberance and expression and really great and positive. He's using his topline more and more and he's really look great for his age! Our liberty is better than ever. He'll circle around me and pretty much do anything for me...it's really an amazing feeling! We started working on bowing today, and i think he's catching on..although I think I need to set him up differently. I think that the side im not on needs to be against a wall or a fence so he understands that I don't want his hind end to move. He did well today though! A little encouragement of Winnies Cookies was needed, but I did manage to have him go down a little bit! It's progress and I'll take it!

Cavallo: Well, what to say about this guy!! He proves himself over and over to be brilliant! He learns so fast, I can't help but think I skipped something, but I'm positive I didn't! I can tell he is going to make a FANTASTIC horse! He has such natural athleticism and has such a kind, youthful spirit to him! He's so fun to play with, and with him, I've gained a lot of Savvy Arrows to put in my Quiver! I've started to ride him, and he needs a lot of confidence under saddle! I'm so glad he's in my hands, because he would never survive mentally and emotionally with a normal! Well that's it for now!
Savvy On!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

An Extroverted Introvert? What?!

Solo was so fun today! We played in the back yard and played around with canter departures. We also did some spirals at the circling game. He's really starting to use him whole topline nicely! He was pleasantly exuberant so after about a half hour of hard play we went over to some grass and ate for a while. I really wanted to ride while he still had some energy in him, so we went and saddled up and put the bridle on. He takes the bridle so well! After I got on, we did some point to point with cones in a triangle formation. First we walked, then did some trotting, but I really wanted to work on my seat at the canter. I tend to want to drive with my seat, which makes for a very very unhappy pony! This winter, I've been trying really hard to sit up and use my core so I don't do that. His canter was beautiful today, as was my seat and he looked HAPPY!!!!! =D We ended with some finesse down the driveway. He was so awesome today! I love him!!
Savvy On!

Cavallo's Second Ride With Me!!

Yesterday my session with Cavallo was nothing short of incredible!! He's the smartest horse I've ever worked with! I've only had him for five months and he's doing a lot of Level 2 Online things! I know that all he wanted was someone to love him and show him that he's smart and wanted!
Anyways, now to our session yesterday! We went out in the pasture to play, and right away he was tuned in and ready to learn! It didn't take much at all to get him in a learning frame of mind! After we played with sideways and cantering during the circling game, we went and saddled up. Then we went in the round pen, and while my mom rode Mandala, I just sat on the mounting block with Cavallo and spent some undemanding time with him. Then when my mom was done, I got on Cavallo. (I want her to hold Cavallo's leadrope just for some extra safety) When I got up, he didn't even move. Actually, when I was standing on the mounting block taking a few deep breaths, he moved closer like "C'mon, get on!" So I knew it was time! I stepped in the stirrups and did three little jumped, then swung my leg over. We just sat there for a little bit while i pet him. Then I thought I'd try and do some lateral flexion. To the left was great! It only took him one try to catch on. To right, well it needs some work. He immediately braced and spun around a few times, but when he turned his nose in a little bit I let go. Then I let him lick and chew and then I got off. I felt like it was very successful!
Savvy On!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Farrier Visit!

Today the farrier came! All the horses were really great! We had Cavallo and Mandala go first. Well, Mandala was an angel! She only had a few hey-don't-touch-me-there spots. Cavallo was great for the most part! He's an LBE, so standing still for him is like torture! I've only had him for five months, and this is his second farrier visit since we've had them, so I'm really impressed! I kept him entertained with cookies =) And for Solo and Boomer, well, they're old pros. Boomer was standing with her leadrope on the ground, and Solo fell asleep! YAY PARELLI! It makes everything so much more simple!
Savvy On!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Solo, I Love You Dearly

Considering I haven't been able to play with my horses during the week due to me getting home and it already being dark, I've had A LOT of time to think. I'm a pretty deep thinker, and when I'm thinking, I'm usually thinking about my horses. I was thinking today, I have such deep feelings about Solo. He's like the best friend I grew up with. I had him since I was a third grader, and I'm now a freshman in high school. He's seen me in my happiest times and my lowest times, but no matter what mood I've been in, he's always the one to bring a smile to my face. When he sees me in the paddock and looks at me with his eyes sparkling and his ears forward, walking toward me, I can't help but smile! He is the horse that has put up with me learning Parelli. Without him, I wouldn't be the girl I am today. When I have low self-confidence, I go outside and play, and he reminds me again why I should have confidence, and why I should be happy with who I am. He doesn't judge me, nor does any horse. If you show them that you are a good leader, and that you are the "horse" they can go to, and are worth going to, that's all that matters to them. (oh man, I'm tearin' up!)

When we're playing and he offers the exuberance that Magic has for Pat, I know I must be doing something right. He is so smart, and the most tolerant horse I have ever met. He's put up with me jumping all over him, trying to figure out the best way to mount him bareback. He's put up with me crying on his shoulder and into his mane because I had a bad day. He always knows the best ways to make me laugh. Oh man, oh man I love that boy so so so so so so so much! He has taught me so much about patience and taking the time it takes.

Just when I think our relationship can't get any better, it does. He does something amazing for me, or I figure out another tactic that helps him come out of his shell. I feel like we understand eachother. I can sense when he's getting a little tense or unconfident and he's taught me to retreat and that if I just listen to him, he'll teach me all I need to know about him.

I could write on and on about him. I just wanted to write a little something in here to/about him to let him know how much I love and appreciate him.
I love you, Solo!!!!
Savvy On Bud!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Horse Filled Weekend!

Wow! I had a great weekend! I was able to play with both of my horses both days! It was so awesome!
I feel like Cavallo and I are finally getting a relationship building! He asks questions all the time and is very very light on the end of the line! It can't really be this easy, can it? I mean, this horse is very complicated, but he's so interesting! Our play times are never dull!!
Solo, well what can I say? He's always awesome! We played the pasture online and liberty. He's so light and responsive, but we really need to move on to more level 4 stuff! For some reason, it seems so surreal that we've passed our level 3 online! It was a dream for so long, and now its a reality!!! =D Anyways, after fumbling with the rope in the snow for long enough, I decided to play at liberty! We were in our big 3-4 acre pasture, and he never left once!! YAY! We did some jumping, lots of stick to me, cutting, the starts of laying down, and most importantly, CIRCLE GAME!! We can finally do the circle game without a round pen at the trot with transitions in a BIG area!! I'm so proud of Solo! He's so incredibly smart! When we were done, there were a bunch of patches of grass, so i jumped on his back and let him eat while i took some photos of my mom and Boomer. Then we went up and saddled up and went out for a nice ride in the cornfields! What a great weekend!!
Savvy On!