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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Love, Language, where's the leadership?

Thats what I asked myself the other day! I was thinking, out of the 3, (love, language, leadership) which 2 am I best at? Well, love and language, of course! My leadership has been lacking! This has been the missing puzzle piece in both of my relationships with my horses! Instead of leading, I've either been micromanaging, or taking something that's "good enough" but not quite what I was asking! So lately, I've been working on being particular without being critical, and already the relationships with my horses have improved! YAAAAAYYYY!!! :D It's so exciting that I've finally figured out what was lacking, because I knew something was!

On another note, yesterday I had a lesson with Cavallo! We been doing lessons every 2 weeks, and let me tell you, we have improved soooooo much! We started with working on a figure 8. Right away, Lori, (she's who I take lessons from) noticed that I was moving my feet too much, and that our draw was lacking. She had me sit on a barrel, and then continue doing a figure 8. Well guess what?! When I sent Cavallo, he looked at me like "Pshhh yeah right! You can't get me from over there!" So I was told to take my carrot stick and hit the rope until he moved his feet. The theory was that it would be uncomfortable when he wasn't moving, but the minute he moved, it would be comfortable! Next, because our draw wasn't so great, whenever I would draw him in before I send him in the other direction, I would bring him in for a few seconds, say hey, and then send him out. By then end, we were doing beautiful figure 8s!
Next, she asked to see our circle game, which she said was beautiful! The only thing we worked on with that was my send, because it was too big and my phases were too fast! After we fixed that, everything was wonderful! We also worked on lining up at the mounting block. We did this small circle where I was up on the block and there were two barrels set upright, one in front of me, one in back, with a big enough space in between for... you guessed it! A horse to fit through! So the game was that he could only stopped when he had me in his zone 3! This got him really relaxed! It was great to see!
Next, she wanted to see my zone 3 driving, which she said was also beautiful! yay!!!!
Lastly, we tied a cone to the saddle, just to simulate the movement of my leg if I were to get on him. Well, he responded to that really well! He wasn't scared at all! She said that he's almost ready to ride, and I feel it too!!!! (:

On thursday, my mom and I went for a trail ride! I rode Solo, and she took her horse Boomer. It was really nice! We had some nice trotting and cantering, and they are just wonderful on the trail! We even galloped once! EEEKKK! It's all so fun! (:
I love my horses! and Parelli!
Savvy On!

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