Welcome to my blog! I am a dedicated student in the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program. I am currently studying Levels 3 and 4 with my wonderful horse Solo. He is an RBI, mainly LBI now. I also have another horse. He is LBE/RBI, but I can tell he's innately LBE! This blog is for me to express my ups and downs of my journey with my horses, so read and enjoy my posts! Comments are welcomed! =)
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Well, that's how I feel right now! Solo, Cavallo, and I have been making sooo much progress! It's really amazing and I am SO proud of both of them! I'll start with Cavallo!
Ever since I made the decision to just push riding out of the equation, he has improved tenfold! I've been working a lot on zone 3 driving, to simulate riding! The past couple of times, I was able to drop the carrot stick and do it! He is brilliant! Yesterday was the first time he really looked confident. He was blinking, licking and chewing, and looking at me like he really realized how much I care. I see so much hope for him and it really is heartwarming! His patterns are getting much better! We can now do a trotting figure 8 and weave with slack in the rope and lots of exuberance! (= YAY! At the end of our last session, I lined him up to the mounting block. He was very skeptical about it at first, so I remained passively persistent until he had a flash of confidence, and I released the pressure! Boy, what a difference! He came a little closer, and I gladly scratched his itchy spot, which is conveniantly on his back! Wahoo! I am falling in love with this guy! <3

Now for Solo, my ol' man (=
Well, he's doing great; we're doing great! When we're together, it feels like we're one and it's the best feeling ever! Impulsion isn't a problem anymore, he asks a billion questions, and is just the most amazing partner I could ever ask for! Our liberty is also better than I could ever imagine! As far as riding goes, I'm speechless. Ever since my clinic with Nita Jo, we've been having the rides I've always dreamed of! Right now we're working on the suspension rein, getting transitions snappier, and haunches in! He's doing really amazing, and I can't believe I've been honored with these two spectacular horses! (=
Savvy On!

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